COMMAND Center Representative to Present at WCPA 2019 Annual Concrete Pavement Conference

Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association

COMMAND Center project manager Sabrina Garber will be presenting at the Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association (WCPA) 2019 Annual Concrete Pavement Conference.  Garber’s presentation is titled, “Maturity: The Alternative to Traditional Strength Specifications.”

The maturity method is a way of evaluating fresh concrete’s early-age, in-place strength by relating time and temperature measurements to actual strength values.  Typically, in-situ strength estimation is achieved through standard test methods which involve flexural or compressive tests of beam or cylinder specimens.  However, concrete in the field does not always gain strength at the same rate as test specimens.  Maturity testing addresses this guesswork and can show if on-site concrete has achieved required strength and whether or not formwork removal and application of loads is feasible.

The WCPA 2019 Annual Concrete Pavement Conference will be held February 14-15 at the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel and Conference Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  The theme of the conference is “Moving forward with concrete results.”

Members of the WCPA are Wisconsin-based contractors, cement and ready-mix producers, manufacturers, and suppliers. WCPA has represented members to industry and the public since 1952. It is recognized as the voice of the concrete pavement industry in Wisconsin. Learn more at its website.

COMMAND Center is a temperature and maturity system used to measure and log concrete temperature history, calculate maturity, and evaluate in-place strength.  The system employs small, self-powered sensors placed in fresh concrete that automatically measure temperature data at predetermined intervals and store data internally.  Data is retrieved from the sensors and analyzed with free COMMAND Center software, which can display temperature and temperature differential data, automatically provide calibrated maturity curves based on break data entered by the user, and calculate and display maturity and corresponding strength data of in-place concrete as it cures. 

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