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COMMAND Center Software



  • COMMAND Center software for Windows PC/laptop/tablet/handheld PC
  • COMMAND Center iOS app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

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Note: Sensors and download cables sold separately.

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COMMAND Center software is powerful enough to analyze and display internal concrete temperature measurements and estimate in-place strength. Though it is powerful, COMMAND Center software is extremely easy to use.

  • Use multiple equations to easily and automatically create maturity curves.
  • Choose between Nurse-Saul and Arrhenius maturity functions.
  • View and analyze peak temperature data for individual sensors or multiple sensors at once.
  • View and analyze temperature differentials between sensors.
  • Compare data accurately across all sensors with data logged at common, uninterrupted intervals.
  • Share data immediately from the field.
  • Create professional PDF reports.

COMMAND Center concrete temperature and maturity monitoring software can help you:

  • Monitor cold weather effects on concrete strength gain and ensure your curing techniques are keeping the concrete warm enough.
  • Ensure internal concrete temperatures don’t exceed maximum values in hot weather placements.
  • Know the maximum internal temperatures and differentials in mass concrete placements, as required by thermal control plans and job specifications.
  • Monitor in-place concrete strength in real time.
  • Compress the schedule, reducing contractor hours and costs.
  • Load structures as soon as concrete reaches required strength.
  • Know you’ve met strength requirements for form removal and post-tensioning operations.
  • Enable post-tensioning tendons to be stressed sooner.
  • Ensure you’ve met strength requirements for opening to traffic, in new concrete patches and in full-depth slab replacements.
  • Reduce the amount of test cylinders or beams needed.
  • Improve quality control and mix designs.
  • Meet ASTM and AASHTO standards.

See system details and requirements here.

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Wireless transmission of concrete temperature and maturity data to a free iOS app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
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