Rogers-O’Brien Construction Slashes Project Time and Costs Using COMMAND Center

The Whitley, a high rise concrete project

Rogers-O’Brien’s focus on client service led them to seek ways to accelerate project schedules while controlling costs. To complete projects faster—and thus save money—they decided to use COMMAND Center to quickly determine when their pours had reached the necessary strength level. Rogers-O’Brien implemented the system on The Whitley, a 16-story, 300,000 square foot mixed-use project in Austin.

Early in the project, Rogers-O’Brien used the COMMAND Center system in tandem with the traditional approach of cylinder breaks to double-check their accuracy. But according to Michael Jackson, Assistant Project Manager for Rogers-O’Brien in Austin, COMMAND Center proved so consistently reliable that, after the first few pours, they were able to greatly reduce the number of cylinders they poured and tested.

Using fewer cylinders reduced laboratory fees and further accelerated the schedule. As Jackson explains, COMMAND Center “takes the guesswork out of it, and the financial responsibility burden off the contractor to specify how many cylinders to pour or test.”

Rogers-O’Brien saw significant time savings by using COMMAND Center to determine when concrete achieved necessary strength and to reduce test cylinders. According to Jackson,

“We saved one day per floor. With 16 floors, we saved 16 days of schedule.”

Jackson also found the COMMAND Center interface easy to learn and use, which is critical for construction teams. As he explains, “If you can use a phone, you can use COMMAND Center.”

Rogers-O'Brien construction slashes project time and costs using COMMAND Center

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Rogers-O’Brien Construction Slashes Project Time and Costs Using COMMAND Center

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