Fast-Track Construction

Use COMMAND Center to determine when new concrete structures and pavements have achieved adequate strength so you can open them to the public sooner.

Time is money during paving and vertical construction—the pavement or structure is opened as soon as concrete meets specified required strengths. To complete jobs as quickly as possible, construction teams can use COMMAND Center maturity and temperature monitoring to track their in-place concrete strength in the field. Since the project’s in-place concrete might reach required strength before laboratory tests indicate, monitoring strength with COMMAND Center can help construction teams open pavements and structures as soon as they’re ready.

A maturity curve on COMMAND Center for Windows Mobile, the validation screen on COMMAND Center for Windows, and a maturity curve on COMMAND Center for iOS.

How Our Customers Use COMMAND Center to Fast-Track Their Construction

The Beck Group used COMMAND Center when working on the McKinney Tower in Dallas. COMMAND Center helped them shave four months off the project schedule and reduce the budget by $3 million.

Testing firm Ninyo & Moore used COMMAND Center to quickly and reliably determine when concrete achieved necessary strength to stress post-tension cables on each pour.

Rogers-O’Brien used COMMAND Center to monitor strength on The Whitley in Austin, Texas. The team saved one day per floor and significantly reduced the number of cylinders poured and tested.

command center maturity and temperature monitoring icon

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