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    The COMMAND Center concrete temperature and maturity system is used to measure and log concrete temperature history, calculate maturity, and evaluate in-place strength. The system employs small, self-powered sensors placed in fresh concrete that automatically measure temperature data at predetermined intervals and store data internally. Data is retrieved from the sensors and analyzed with free COMMAND Center software, which can display temperature and temperature differential data, automatically provide calibrated maturity curves based on break data entered by the user, and calculate and display maturity and corresponding strength data of in-place concrete as it cures.

    6111 Balcones Drive, Austin, Texas, USA

    The COMMAND Center concrete temperature and maturity monitoring system was created by The Transtec Group, a pavement engineering firm. Transtec’s pavement specialists help teams design pavements that cost less to construct, increase performance, and improve public satisfaction. We developed the COMMAND Center system to help our clients build faster, improve safety, and save money.

    The Transtec Group‘s global headquarters is in Austin, Texas, USA.