Precast Manufacturing

COMMAND Center temperature monitoring can help precast manufacturers efficiently and safely track concrete temperature and strength during curing.

Not all concrete elements are cast in place at the jobsite. Some elements are cast, cured, and stored offsite at precast manufacturing yards. Casting is the same as in the field and specifications for precast elements are often the same or similar to those for cast-in-place elements. Specifications include minimum strength requirements prior to the removal of any forms, a maximum internal concrete temperature threshold, and limits to thermal differentials.

In precast environments, concrete temperatures are often measured using thermocouple wires. However, the thermocouple wire must extend long distances in order to connect to data logging devices. Members of the construction team can trip over these wires, potentially causing jobsite injuries, disconnection, and data loss. These exposed wires may also become corroded or severed by heavy machinery, further increasing the risk for data loss.

Failure to track the internal concrete temperature differentials or strength due to data loss can result in lower quality or rejected precast products at the precast manufacturer’s expense. In addition, a hazardous work environment could lead to injury and costly legal actions.

Using COMMAND Center sensors instead of thermocouple wires can eliminate the need for long hazardous wires crossing high trafficked areas and minimize the potential for data loss due to disconnected, severed, or corroded wires. With COMMAND Center temperature monitoring, data is downloaded from the sensors by temporarily connecting your preferred COMMAND Center compatible device to durable leads that extend just beyond the precast element.

A temperature graph on COMMAND Center for Windows Mobile, a temperature differential graph on COMMAND Center for Windows, and a sensor list on COMMAND Center for iOS.
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