Maturity Research

Research is a key component in developing new and improved concrete design or construction methods.

COMMAND Center’s system delivers detailed, accurate temperature and maturity data ideal for research applications. COMMAND Center sensors hold up to 2,048 data points each, and COMMAND Center software provides robust analysis. Researchers can customize the system based on their needs—the user can define the system’s measurement intervals and cable length, among other options.

The maturity method was developed when researchers discovered how the internal temperature of a concrete element relates to its strength gain and internal stresses.

Monitoring maturity can be very useful for research aimed at improving construction methods in order to reduce internal stresses. HIPERPAV—free software provided by the Federal Highway Administration that can help predict early-age strength gain and stress development in concrete—is an excellent example of research that benefited from the use of maturity.

A maturity curve on COMMAND Center for Windows Mobile, the validation screen on COMMAND Center for Windows, and a maturity curve on COMMAND Center for iOS.

Other research benefits of concrete maturity and temperature monitoring:

  • Characterizing materials
  • Investigating interactions
  • Tracking uniformity
  • Timing finishing activities
  • Tracking hydration
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