Why COMMAND Center?

COMMAND Center Advantages

No initialization required

COMMAND Center Sensors are preprogrammed and don’t require initialization—construction teams do not need to connect to the sensor during placement.

Continuous, uninterrupted data collection

COMMAND Center Sensors continuously collect and store data for two years, under warranty. Data is recorded at common and uninterrupted intervals across all sensors. Users can easily compare data across multiple sensors at the exact same times for accurate temperature differential data and comparisons.

Competitively priced

COMMAND Center Sensors start at just $39, and our customers tell us they appreciate our commitment to keeping our equipment affordable.

To use COMMAND Center Wireless, customers need a minimum of one of our reusable Bluetooth® transmitters, which cost just $149.

Secure data

COMMAND Center data files are encrypted, and PDF reports generated in COMMAND Center for Windows software are secure.

Customizable cable lengths and measurement intervals

COMMAND Center Sensors can be purchased in customizable cable lengths and measurement intervals.

Sensors measure both temperature and maturity

You won’t need to order different sensors for different purposes—every COMMAND Center Sensor measures both temperature and maturity automatically.

Robust, yet easy to use

COMMAND Center software is powerful yet easy to use. In the palm of your hand, you can examine complete temperature and maturity history data at your job site. Our software can easily and automatically create maturity curves using either Nurse-Saul or Arrhenius.

Choose between collecting and viewing data with our handheld Trimble Nomad or wirelessly with an iOS device.

Share data immediately from the field

With COMMAND Center, you can share concrete temperature and maturity data immediately from the field via Dropbox or email.

Free licensed copy of ASTM C1074 for every customer

COMMAND Center systems always include a free licensed copy of ASTM C1074 because we know how important it is to perform the test correctly.

Free, high-quality customer support

COMMAND Center includes dependable, high quality customer support and training free of charge.

Man using iPad to read sensor data via sensor reader module.

Why do our clients prefer COMMAND Center?

“There are numerous other systems out there, but none will give you the reliability and customer support that COMMAND Center does.”

Edward Kraemer & Sons

Stefan Hennig

Regional Quality Manager at Kraemer North America

“I liked having the data sent right to my phone and having the data stored all in one place. The COMMAND Center SRM and app made monitoring really easy and really convenient.”

Kent Companies logo icon

Troy Clinger

General Superintendent for Kent Companies

“COMMAND Center shaves at least 30 minutes off every beam break, so we’re saving about 4.5 hours each day. Sitting out there in traffic is dangerous, so saving that time also means less exposure to hazards and fewer risks on the freeway.”

O. Trevino Construction

Scott Riegler

Project Engineer for O. Trevino Construction

“COMMAND Center’s maturity meters remove doubt as far as what the concrete is doing because field cured cylinders are touchy and completely dependent on humans doing everything right.”

Ninyo and Moore

Phillip Allen

Project Manager for Ninyo & Moore Geotechnical and Environmental Sciences Consultants

“COMMAND Center is extremely user-friendly and flexible and we have yet to fully utilize all of its features. It’s easy to train field techs to use and its size is most convenient and extremely portable.”

Deane Ramsdell

Senior Project Manager for Materials Testing & Consulting, Inc.

“I’ve been using COMMAND Center for cold-weather temperature monitoring during curing. It’s reliable, easy to use, and our clients really like the reports that the software can generate.”

SPS New England

George Andes

Assistant Project Manager for SPS New England, Inc.

“We saved one day per floor. With 16 floors, we saved 16 days of schedule.”


Michael Jackson

Assistant Project Manager for Rogers-O'Brien

“COMMAND Center was an invaluable tool and will be utilized in the future to ensure repeat successes.”

The Beck Group

John Boehm

Senior Project Engineer for The Beck Group

“COMMAND Center is affordable, easy to use, and saved us significant time and money on the Palisades West office building, the W Hotel Austin, and Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 race track and event center.”

Austin Commercial Construction

Franco Reynosa

Senior Estimator for Austin Commercial Construction

“The high level of customer service we have received is unlike anything I have ever experienced before.”

Edward Kraemer & Sons

Stefan Hennig

Project Engineer at Edward Kraemer & Sons

“If you can use a phone, you can use COMMAND Center.”


Michael Jackson

Assistant Project Manager for Rogers-O’Brien

“As a construction team, we were proud of this schedule, and our subcontractors responded very positively to the consistency the maturity sensors helped create.”

The Beck Group

John Boehm

Senior Project Engineer for The Beck Group

Customer Success Stories

Kent Companies used COMMAND Center to document concrete temperatures to meet project specifications when building a 16-story high rise in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

O. Trevino Construction used COMMAND Center on full-depth pavement repair projects, saving significant time on their construction schedules and improving safety.

Testing firm Ninyo & Moore used COMMAND Center to quickly and reliably determine when concrete achieved necessary strength to stress post-tension cables on each pour.

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