Celebrating 15 Years of COMMAND Center

Celebrating 15 years of COMMAND Center with 15 percent off Trimble Nomads

To celebrate our 15 years in business, we are offering 15% off all Trimble Nomads until July 31. Trimble Nomads are rugged and waterproof, and come loaded with COMMAND Center software and include accessories, cables, and a protective case.

The Trimble Nomad was released with COMMAND Center 2.0, which also included updated software and a more durable, highly visible sensor cable. Trimble Nomads are rugged and durable, featuring a 3.5-inch, sunlight-readable, high-resolution color display. Lithium-ion batteries allow for more than 15 hours of continuous use, and the Nomads are Wi-Fi enabled for emailing data from the field.

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COMMAND Center History

Pavement engineering firm The Transtec Group developed COMMAND Center software in 2003 for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Transtec, now with more than 25 years of experience in pavement research and engineering, receives more accolades for pavement research results than any other pavements research firm. Since 1992, Transtec has conducted extensive research into pavement surface characteristics, pavement design, pavement construction, and materials behavior.

Transtec first proposed COMMAND Center as an effort to implement proven research to benefit the concrete pavement industry. At the time, accelerated construction techniques were becoming an essential element to the success of pavement construction projects.

The traditional method of measuring concrete strength in the field requires the careful sampling, casting, and destructive testing of laboratory specimens. Using COMMAND Center and the maturity method was and still is an effective way to know when concrete meets the required strength sooner, accelerating project schedules and reducing budgets.

It was anticipated that the most common use of the COMMAND Center system would be to predict the critical time of opening to traffic. In the 15 years since, COMMAND Center has been used on thousands of projects across the world for all types of concrete applications.

Testing Firm Saves Months on High-Rise Construction Schedule Using COMMAND Center

Contractor Uses COMMAND Center to Reliably Monitor Temperatures in Historic Bridge Replacement

Budget Lowered $3M on Commercial Project in Dallas, Texas

Looking to the Future

COMMAND Center 2.0 WirelessThe release of COMMAND Center Wireless further added to the flexibility of the COMMAND Center system. Wireless sensor data transmission means construction teams can more safely collect data from hard to reach or hazardous locations. COMMAND Center Wireless also allows teams to immediately share data via email or Dropbox and create professional PDF reports right in the app.

With three different data collection options and sensors starting at just $35, COMMAND Center is the most flexible and affordable concrete temperature and maturity system on the market. Our development team is always working on new features and improvements to ensure COMMAND Center meets your needs.

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