COMMAND Center Announces Cotecno as Exclusive Distributor in Chile

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Cotecno and COMMAND Center reached an exclusive distribution arrangement where Cotecno represents COMMAND Center in Chile and engages with local clients. This partnership will allow COMMAND Center to better serve the expanding market for concrete maturity systems in the region.  Cotecno is dedicated to facilitating this growth by educating clientele in the region and features COMMAND Center on their website, highlighting past projects and published articles with regards to the history and technique of the maturity method.

Cotecno is the exclusive distributor of COMMAND Center in Chile

Based in Chile, Cotecno serves a wide clientele local to both Chile and South America and reaches numerous industries, some of which cater towards asphalt, cement, aggregate, and laboratory equipment. Cotecno represents more than a dozen companies and acts as their ambassador in Chile, providing efficient and effective marketing, product demonstrations, and technical assistance.

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Concrete Maturity in Chile

The NCh170 standard was published in Chile in 2016. It establishes minimum general requirements that must be considered when working with concrete of certain densities and describes how to measure the durability of concrete. This standard is the main document of reference for concrete specifications in Chile and replaces the previous standard that was instilled in 1985. The new standard is compatible with the American Concrete Institute’s newest Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-14).

The new update includes references to recent technological advancements and industry changes and also includes implementation of the maturity methodNCh170 specifies how construction project managers, general contractors, quality control inspectors, and field professionals are to implement the maturity method in their work and on the jobsite.

The Chilean government recently endorsed the maturity method as a successful means for reducing both the cost of government-funded construction and the volume of carbon emissions because the method reduces wait time and the number of test specimens. These two factors are directly correlated to time, project cost, and waste management.

Because Chile is actively embracing the maturity method, it currently sponsors programs that introduce Chilean workers to the latest technology for concrete testing and recent advancements in construction science. In response to these programs, COMMAND Center partnered with Cotecno to help teams easily and efficiently implement maturity on their concrete projects.

COMMAND Center software is free and allows teams to easily view and analyze internal concrete temperature measurements and estimate in-place strength in the palm of their hand. With multiple options for downloading concrete data, including Bluetooth and USB to the client’s own device, there is no need to invest in costly data readers. See how customers are using COMMAND Center to save millions of dollars and hours of construction time.

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