COMMAND Center Used During Super Bowl Stadium Construction

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta

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The COMMAND Center system was used to measure maturity of fresh, in-place concrete during construction of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The stadium is venue for the 2019 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams.

About 150,000 cubic yards of concrete was used in the stadium. It measures 2 million square feet total, the roof is over 14 acres, and it can seat over 71,000 people.

The maturity method is a way of evaluating fresh concrete’s early-age, in-place strength by relating time and temperature measurements to actual strength values. Typically, in-situ strength estimation is achieved through standard test methods which involve flexural or compressive tests of beam or cylinder specimens.  However, concrete in the field does not always gain strength at the same rate as test specimens. Maturity testing addresses this guesswork and can show if on-site concrete has achieved required strength and whether or not formwork removal and application of loads is feasible.

Construction teams use COMMAND Center to quickly and reliably determine when concrete achieves the necessary strength level. COMMAND Center software displays temperature and temperature differential data, automatically provides calibrated maturity curves based on break data entered by the user, and calculates and displays maturity and corresponding strength data of in-place concrete as it cures. 

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