COMMAND Center Used on World’s First S-Shaped, Single-Tower Suspension Bridge

Dublin Link Pedestrian Bridge

The city of Dublin, Ohio says the Dublin Link pedestrian bridge is the world’s only and longest single-span, single-tower, S-shaped suspension bridge. The 760-foot-long pedestrian bridge opened on March 17 and was built with 1,600 cubic yards of concrete. It was designed as part of a revitalization project for the historic district and allows walkers and cyclists across the Scioto River.

Kokosing Construction Company was the contractor on this project and used COMMAND Center to monitor concrete temperatures during construction. COMMAND Center’s temperature monitoring allowed the team to know that their concrete did not exceed the maximum allowable temperature and temperature differentials as specified in their thermal control plan.

Maintaining appropriate temperatures and temperature ranges within mass concrete is a key to maintaining its durability and longevity. The risk of temperature-related concrete damage increases if the temperature of concrete gets too high or if the temperature differential between a hotter interior point and the surface and/or edge gets too large.

COMMAND Center makes it easy for teams to monitor internal concrete temperatures. COMMAND Center Sensors automatically record and store temperature data internally. Construction teams like Kokosing can then download the data on an iOS device and use the free COMMAND Center app to generate reports of temperature history and temperature differential data for easy disbursement.

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