COMMAND Center Used to Monitor Temperatures in Gerald Desmond Bridge Project

"Big Pour" on Signature Bridge Project

COMMAND Center is being used in the construction of the new Gerald Desmond Bridge in California. It connects the seaports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and nearly 15 percent of US waterborne cargo is trucked across the existing bridge. COMMAND Center sensors provided accurate concrete temperature readings, which helped the construction team in this project save time and money.

In September 2015, Crews placed 3,200 cubic yards of concrete for the pile cap of the first of two 515 foot towers that will support the new bridge. The process required 320 trucks working all night to complete and was the largest concrete placement on the project to date. Watch the video below to see ‘The Big Pour.’

The bridge is expected to be completed in 2019 and will be the second-tallest cable-stayed bridge in the United States. Click here to watch live video streams of the in-progress project.


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