COMMAND Center Used to Measure Mass Concrete Placement Temperatures in Signature V-Pier Bridges

Texas Sterling used COMMAND Center to measure temperature in mass placements for three V-pier bridges being built in Fort Worth, Texas.

Rendering by Rosales + Partners.

Three unique V-pier bridges are being constructed over the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas. The bridges get their name from the V-shape of the support pier, which provides better bridge support with fewer piers—meaning less concrete used.  Fewer piers also means that the views of the river are less obstructed.  The bridges serve as gateways to Panther Island and will usher in an urban waterfront community.  The bridges provide a pedestrian-friendly experience by offering 10-foot wide, lighted sidewalks.

V pier bridges under construction

The contractor on the project, Texas Sterling, has completed all eight of the V-piers on White Settlement Road Bridge, and construction of the superstructure is underway.  The Henderson Street Bridge and North Main Street Bridge are also underway.

Texas Sterling is using COMMAND Center to monitor temperatures of their mass concrete placements during curing. COMMAND Center temperature sensors automatically record and store temperature data internally. Texas Sterling can download the data and use the free COMMAND Center software to generate reports of temperature history and temperature differential data for easy disbursement. With COMMAND Center, they can be sure the concrete did not exceed the maximum internal temperature or exceed temperature differentials between the hotter and cooler part of the element.

V pier bridges under construction

All three bridges are scheduled for completion in 2020. The project is a collaborative effort between the Trinity River Vision Authority, TxDOT, City of Fort Worth, North Central Texas Council of Governments, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Tarrant County.

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